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ENG - Il giardino del curandero project

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Nicola Dentico

He has a degree from the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos (Mexico) focusing on Mexican Traditional Medicine, he acquired profound knowledge directly from the Mayans of Guatemala, where he holds the title of timekeeper of the sacred calendar. Additionally, he is an alumnus of the Department of Arts at the Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy) and is currently pursuing studies in American archaeology.

As a dedicated member of The Labyrinth – an organization committed to Responsible Tourism – he serves as a tour leader for socially conscious journeys, facilitating meaningful interactions with indigenous communities in Guatemala and Mexico.

For Anima Edizioni he has published several books in Italian about Mayan culture.

"My calling is to collectively reconnect us to the heartbeat of the Earth to rediscover the sense of being human."


Mayan Astrological Reading (No fortune telling)

Mayan astrology is an ancient system of knowledge that allows us to explore our connection with nature and the spiritual world. Through this reading, we can identify our Nahual, the birth sign that represents our deep essence, the point of contact with the Great Spirit expressed through Mother Nature. In addition to the birth Nahual, we will discover the "Assistant Nahuales."

This knowledge can help you take a significant step in your self-discovery journey. Through Mayan wisdom, you can develop a healthy and balanced approach to your spiritual growth and your relationship with the surrounding world.

Tz’ité Reading (No fortune telling)

In the ancient practice of the Mayans, Tz'ité divination with the beans of the coral tree reveals energetic blocks, obstacles that prevent the harmonious flow of vital energies. Each bean, with its position, communicates a unique message, indicating areas of life that require transformation. To overcome these blocks, it is important to recognize their presence sincerely, reflect on their deep causes, resort to spiritual purification rituals, plan concrete actions to overcome them, and reconnect with nature to find inspiration. Tz'ité offers a path of self-awareness that teaches us to dissolve obstacles and reconnect with our full potential and the harmony of the surrounding world.

Fire Ceremony

In the millennia-old tradition of the Mayans of Guatemala, the fire ceremony is a sacred ritual conducted by the timekeepers of the sacred calendar, who are custodians of ancestral knowledge. Through fire, they seek contact with the Divine to restore internal and external harmony. Immersed in a state of profound awareness, the timekeeper modulate divine energy by invoking the 20 forces of the Sacred Calendar. These ceremonies can be of gratitude, petition, or passage, collective or individual. Around the Sacred Fire, curanderismo practices can be performed, both indoors with candles and outdoors, creating a sacred bond between humanity and nature.

All services can be received in person or remotely in English, Spanish, or Italian. The duration varies, lasts about an hour.

For costs and information, contact me on this page.

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